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What is a Learning Organization?

Lisa R. Arcemont, Instructor The world is changing faster and faster—technology, globalization, innovation, competition are all affected. The problems facing us seem to be growing ever more complex and serious. How do we navigate such change and address these problems—not … Continue reading

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Finding Funding Sources

By Tamara Sabine In previous blog posts, I’ve discussed writing your first grant, crafting the project and budget narratives, the importance of a succinct needs statement and the ins and outs of the project budget. Today I’m going to give … Continue reading

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Coaching – Growing the Relationship

Lisa Arcemont, Instructor “Our traditional organizations are designed to provide for the first three levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs: food, shelter and belonging…The ferment in management will continue until organizations begin to address the higher order needs: self-respect … Continue reading

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Using Needs Assessment to Choose the Target Audience

Melissa Cater, PhD The central decision for [all organizations] is, What is the best way to portion out the available resources, including time, money, and organizational efforts to meet all the demands-the needs-that compete for them? Such decisions may be … Continue reading

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Developing Leadership Skills of Advisory Council Members

Bradley A. Leger I really enjoy working with people, whether I am teaching adolescents or adults, facilitating a group project, or designing a new program.  I am also a firm believer that I must always affirm the value of the … Continue reading

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Preparing Youth for Production Ag Careers

Bradley Leger, PhD Throughout all of my years on this good earth, my life has been steeped in agriculture: growing up on a farm, member of 4-H and FFA, presently part-owner/operator of a hay operation, agricultural educator, and presently serving … Continue reading

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Personal Growth

Bradley Leger, PhD In learning to know other things, and other minds, we become more intimately acquainted with ourselves, and are to ourselves better worth knowing. Philip Gilbert Hamilton I frequently refer to myself as a “sponge” – for knowledge … Continue reading

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