Developing Leadership Skills of Advisory Council Members

Bradley A. Leger

I really enjoy working with people, whether I am teaching adolescents or adults, facilitating a group project, or designing a new program.  I am also a firm believer that I must always affirm the value of the people with whom I am working, either publicly or privately, as well as assisting them to realize their full potential.  In past blogs dealing with Advisory Councils, we discussed issues of empowerment, engagement and motivation of council members.  Another step in helping them in their journey to be their optimum selves, which should will correspondingly move the council forward in its mission, is to provide them with tools to improve their leadership skills. If we consider what we are asking them to do, such as organizing and conducting meetings, speaking in large and small groups and in public, building professional networks, communicating with stakeholders to assess local program needs, etc., we need to provide them with the proper tools. 

 So, let’s think about it: what can we provide to them to help them to be successful in this role?  (Of course, these skills that they’ll be attaining will also be useful in their overall lives as citizens.)  You’ll also quickly find that their respective skill and confidence levels will cover quite a wide range.  I recommend the following resources:

LSU AgCenterAdvisory Leadership System Manual      Meetings That Work

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