Finding Funding Sources

By Tamara Sabine

In previous blog posts, I’ve discussed writing your first grant, crafting the project and budget narratives, the importance of a succinct needs statement and the ins and outs of the project budget. Today I’m going to give you some insight into the sources you’ll need to be familiar with to find upcoming grants.

LCES Grant Resources SharePoint Site:  The resources for helping you find more grants begin with me – and my role as Extension Grant Coordinator. One of my duties is to research grants and make those opportunities available to faculty and staff in the manner in which they can use them. I know some folks email this information around, but that could get a bit cumbersome, so in an effort to not become a 24/7 emailer, I’ve established the LCES Grant Resources SharePoint site on the LSU AgCenter intranet. You can visit this site – on your time schedule – and see any open funding opportunities that might fit your program needs. You can also sign up for an RSS feed to get updates in Outlook whenever information is added to the site! Application deadlines and other important dates are kept on the calendar, documents related to any open opportunities are kept in the shared documents, the team discussion area is for grant-writing teams to chat and discuss issues. Now, if you’re interested in looking for grants on your own, there are also lots of websites that have lots of information on grants and other funding opportunities. Some are more user-friendly than others. The repository for federal grants is It can be a little overwhelming (confusing) for first-timers, so I suggest signing up for the daily email of new and updated opportunities from their site.

National & Regional Foundations: One of my favorite organizations to hear about new funding opportunities from national and regional foundations is The Foundation Center.  Corporations and foundations from across the country submit their Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for listing on their Philanthropy News Digest. You can view by subject, receive an RSS feed as the opportunities are updated, or receive an email each Friday. I receive the weekly email and reviewing it is one of the last tasks of my Friday each week.

Organization Websites: Don’t forget to check the websites of organizations. For example, Honda offers grants for technology, science, engineering programs geared toward youth. Information about this program is found on the American Honda Foundation website, which I found by starting at Look under ‘Corporate Information’ on any organizations you’re interested in.

Sources for program funding are all around, if you look closely. Don’t forget, we’re here to help, please feel free to contact me.

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