Using Clickers to Collect Data

by Melissa Cater, PhD and Debra Davis, PhD

Data can be collected using a variety of tools. Clickers, also sometimes referred to as audience response systems, provide a quick, easy, and interactive way of collecting data from a large groups. While students are the most familiar with clickers because of their proliferation in classroom settings, this tool may also be used in outdoor settings where the need for paper, pencil, and hard surfaces for recording answers is virtually eliminated by the a portable wireless receiver which records audience responses. Here are three examples of slides created for an in-class setting. Many of these questions could easily be adapted for an on-the-go setting like field days and field trips.

Broadband Evaluation Clicker Slides

4-H Ag Alley Field Trip Evaluation Clicker Slides

EFNEP Evaluation 5th gr Clicker Slides

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